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Tribalogy is the study of tribal cultures that are rich in history and unique in their nature. Due to the lack of general interests and ever-growing demand for ¨fast and cheap¨, many of such cultures are at a danger of extinction. Tribalogy tries to focus on providing modern and creative designs using local traditional materials which can be found in/around Jordan, while providing economical and occupational support to those in need. Many of Tribalogy products are produced by women from disadvantaged communities living in the Northern parts of Jordan. On a personal basis, we teach each individual the necessary techniques in order to finish our products so that these women can gain: -new skills to embroider, to sew by hand or machine, to assemble product pieces...etc - a possibility to reduce stress and anxiety through these hands-on activities & creations -an opportunity to use their newly learned skills in order to gain income and better hopes for their future
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